Karaoke with a live band...

What is Bandeoke?

Bandeoke, or Rock-eoke, is basically Karaoke with a live band. Simple!  It's perfect for both private and corporate  parties, and is probably the best (maybe only?) way to have an evening of all inclusive live music.

How does it work?

We have a list of songs to choose from and a sign up station by the stage. Typically the song lists are circulated all over the venue, so no one has an excuse for not getting involved! Have a look at our current list of songs here.

The lyrics for all the songs are displayed from a laptop right next to the Bandeoke mics.

Can anyone do it?

Yes of course. It's most definitely not about being the greatest singer. It is all about taking part and having fun with your friends.

For those having the most fun, it can be easy to lose your place in the song if you are a little bit... errr.. lost in the music! Fortunately we always have a singing compere on hand to help you out, and even join in to create beautiful harmonies!


Why not drop us a line to see how we can create the ultimate Bandeoke party for your event?!

Here's a selection of photos from one of our Bandeoke events....